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"John Karle - Owner"

At Karle Coachwork our first priority is creating quality work for our customers. We love what we do and enjoy being part of the greater Colorado Springs community. Our customers come from all walks of life: High school students, businessmen, air force personnel, retirees — even young ladies who want their car color to resemble a Victoria Secret Pink purse (true story!). We welcome them all!

Karle Coachwork was started in 1971 by John’s father and has been family owned and operated ever since.

Today the company has 6 employees who take pride in their professional work. Every repair is done to meet or exceed customer expectations. From collision and dent repair to paint jobs, paintless dent repair / removal to glass repair, our trained experts will service all American, European, and Asian car models, working with all insurance companies, large or small.

With over 40 years of professional training and experience, John guarantees high quality car service!

Understanding What's Involved in

Vehicle Collision Repair in Colorado Springs

Vehicle collision repair is the comprehensive process of restoring your vehicle to its original state after being damaged in an accident. Dealing with a collision repair is usually not a pleasurable experience. You will likely want to get the car in and out of the auto repair shop in the shortest time possible, as to reduce the hassles and costs associated with the collision repair.

Having your vehicile repaired will be more efficient and effective if done by one of our certified Collision repair professionals. Our collision repair profesionals have years of experience and know how to repair your vehicle's damage so that it's looking good and new again.

In Colorado Springs, insurance providers prefer to have your vehicle serviced by specialist companies. These are generally high-end as well as luxury cars. The complex style of these cars, along with their bodywork appears extraordinary. However, when the car is involved in an accident, the parts and repair process may be more expensive. We are highly recommended by USAA for Auto Collision repairs in Colorado Springs and have won many awards that we proudly show in our office.

Your collision repair estimate is so important, and it is one of the very first processes that you need to go through before beginning collision repair in Colorado Springs. How to get the estimate depends on a variety of factors, and being aware of every step throughout the process ensures you will not be surprised with the cost of the entire repair that your car will go through.

Once you take your car to our car repair shop, we will first check all the problem areas before giving an estimate. You have to be prepared because the technician might see something that you may have missed. This is an important step for a collision repair, especially if you want your car to look new and pristine again.

Auto collision repair in Colorado Springs includes all kinds of repair work to the damaged vehicle, including covering dents, dings, scratches, repainting the entire vehicle, replacing panels, straightening bent parts and replacing parts that have been irrevocably damaged. It is challenging work, with considerable skill and artistry involved on the part of our technicians handling the repairs. Our mission with every single customer is to restore their vehicle to its original condition.

The insurance policy usually covers vehicle Collision repair, but for older car models, it may not be the case. Newer car models have a better chance of insurance covering the repair, although every situation is different. Our Colorado Springs car repair shop will be your stronghold throughout every step of the process, from dealing with your insurance company to fully repairing your vehicle. Regardless of who is at fault in the case of your accident, it's best to know that there is a dependable company who can assist you along the way.

We have a dedicated network of professional, competent technicians that understand how your high-end car is made. With our facilities and experiened technicians, we can handle even the most challenging of vehicles that have excessive bodywork damage.

A reliable Colorado Springs collision repair shop is crucial to have on your side when looking to properly handle your car's damage. We make use of latest technologies to ensure your car is fixed properly. We offer the best finish and quality-based body parts, and our shop can handle literally any repair required from start to finish.

When beginning any kind of repair to your vehicle, make sure that the Colorado Springs repair shop you choose upholds the highest standard of quality in their work. Your car is part of your family, so don't forsake quality. It's crucial that you take your damaged vehicle to the best professional car repair shop in Colorado Springs.

Quality is most important to us here at Karle Coachwork, while most other companies are only interested in Speed and Cost of the damaged vehicle repair, we never sacrafice quality and ensure your vehicle is repaired to it's like new condition by our certified collision repair technicians. Call us at (719)632-2120 or request a quote today!

Areas We Service

Located in the Colorado Springs area, we service the following communities: Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, Manitou Springs, Pueblo, Monument, Black Forest, Fountain Valley, Stratmoor, Cimarron Hills, Peyton and surrounding areas.