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Headlight Restoration

When you are dealing with foggy or faulty headlights on your vehicle, both aesthetics and safety come into play. It may not only make your car look older, making it less appealing, but also reduce the visibility for both the driver and other drivers on the road.

Karle Coachwork‘s headlight restoration Colorado Springs services are designed to help you to overcome all that and restore the former appealing, safe state. Our skilled professionals rely on advanced procedures and technology to boost their appearance as well as the resale value of the vehicles.

Given their extensive expertise, we take the shortest time possible to offer you quality headlight restoration service in Colorado Springs.

Why Polycarbonate Plastic Is No Longer The Best

If your car’s headlights are made of polycarbonate plastic, which is an incredibly popular and hard material, you are likely saying you don’t need the restoration service. This hard and potentially durable material is both porous and susceptible to the elements of the environment. Manufacturers know this and have developed a great solution. They apply a hard silicone coat to the headlight’s lenses. Due to this additional protection, your lights are much safer from the sun, rain, heat, scratches, harsh chemicals, vehicle exhausts, bugs, and the likes. The information confirms that most companies try to use the best materials and technology to meet your needs.

However, the hard coat can still break down after some time and start to yellow. When that happens, you have to act swiftly to improve your safety and your car’s aesthetic value. This is when you need a suitable headlight restoration Colorado Springs. Can you choose to replace your fading headlights? It is another excellent option, and you should consider it.
Consider that you may need to spend several hundred dollars to get a quality replacement.

Karle Coachwork can repair the damage at a small fraction of that cost. In other words, we offer you a cost-effective way to restore your lights and vehicle to a like-new condition. With our headlight restoration in Colorado Springs, you are guaranteed to have optical clarity and mitigate the hazardous potential that comes with foggy headlights.

Karle Coachwork Headlight Restoration Procedure

When you need headlight restoration and come to ABC, here are the necessary steps that we follow to give you a great experience:

Step 1: Our experts use our specially formulated solution to wipe the lens and remove all the built-up debris and grim.

Step 2: Based on the need, the specialists wet sand your headlight’s lens with the appropriate degrees of grit to remove the yellowing, imperfections, and all minor scratches.

Step 3: We use a heavy cutting cleaning material to buff all the remaining fine scratches. We only stop when we are sure that nothing other than a slight haze remains.

Step 4: Using a specialized plastic polish, we polish the lens until the beauty and optical clarity are fully restored.

Step 5: Finally, we apply a sealant instead of the factory hard coat to protect your lens from any possible future damage.

If you need quality headlight restoration Colorado Springs service and are ready to schedule an appointment, call us right away for help.

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