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Hail Damage Repair Service at Karle Coachwork

Collision Repair In Colorado Springs, CO

Karle Coachwork is located in Colorado Springs to expedite auto hail damage repairs for the people who need reliable, professional, and fast service. We know that hail storms can inconvenience you when you least expect it, and that makes auto hail damage repair Colorado Springs indispensable in the area. 

If your vehicle is exposed to this weather phenomenon, you can incur severe damage within seconds. This is often the case due to the hail pellets, which are responsible for causing extensive denting on different parts of cars. However, you are more likely to find the dents on the trunk, hood, or roof of your vehicle. In given instances, as hail relentlessly pounds your car, it can break your windshields as well.

The good news is that Karle Coachwork specialists are here to help you with your hail damage repair Colorado Springs at an affordable rate. We can help you restore your car to the desired status within a short time.

Don't Be taken advantage of

At Karle Coachwork, we have a variety of options to help get your car back to the condition it was in, before this event took place. We stand by all of our work and if you ever need to bring your vehicle back, we are here to assist you.

Removing Hail Dents

Our hail damage repair Colorado Springs team uses a variety of tools and techniques to remove hail dents. The process begins when you make an appointment to repair your car. You tell us the nature of the damage. With the information, we can start preparing immediately for your arrival. Here are the conventional methods that we can use to repair the dent (you can use some too):

1. Heating & Cooling

Dry ice: We apply dry ice on the dent. The change in temperature helps force the dent to pop out. All we do is move the ice around the dent while wearing the proper protective gear. You can try this if the damage is small.

Park Car in Sunny Place: We can also park the vehicle in a sunny area. You can try this at home too for minor cases. When the metal heats up, the dented surface is likely to pop out due to the expansion.

Hot Air: If the above procedure fails, you can use a hairdryer. Ensure that the distance between the hairdryer and the vehicle is between 2 and 4 inches. Also, take care to prevent the car’s paint from discoloring. If you cannot, contact us to help.

2. Dent Repair Kit

You can use the above methods when the dents are too small. Larger ones may require the use of a dent removal kit. These auto hail damage repair Colorado Springs kits are available in many auto supply stores and are cheap. You can fix the dent using these techniques by reading the user manual.

3. Garage

For large and deep dents, you should not try to fix them alone. Some of them are too complex and require the help of an expert. This is where we always come in. We assess the nature of the damage and decide on the best technique to use.

Why Hire Karle Coachwork?

When you choose ABC, you are assured of having your job done by experienced and friendly hail damage repair specialists. Some of the incredible features of our service that you need not ignore are:

  • Quality Artistry
  • Online Repair Appointments
  • Free Online Quotes
  • Easy Billing To Insurance


Karle Coachwork has been serving the hail damage repair Colorado Springs needs of our valued customers for several years. We have expanded quickly due to the excellent service that we offer.

If you have similar repair needs, feel free to get in touch with us now.

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