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Clear Bra Protection

When Karle Coachwork specialists repair your vehicle, they use clear bra Colorado Springs to ensure that its original appearance never changes. As you drive home, you can see that your car looks the way it did the day you bought it.

When you first bought the car, you intended to use it to travel with ease. But the truth is that daily driving is destroying its exterior whether you know it or not. When it wreaks havoc on the car, the visual appeal and the value of the vehicle diminishes. As such, if you choose not to benefit from our clear bra protection service, there is no way you can prevent the direct tear and wear.

You can choose to repaint or replace the parts of your car that the road debris has damaged. However, this option is always too expensive, and you greatly reduce the chances you’ll need it if you get a quality paint protection like clear bra Colorado Springs. Here are the reasons you need clear bra protection:

  • Protects the original paint
  • Cheaper than repainting or replacing damaged areas
  • Reduce effects of road debris
  • Maintains your car’s paint and value for years
  • Offers quality, invisible protection

Our clear bra film installation specialists follow this procedure to give you quality clear bra protection service.


We clear and prepare the surface

We use an excellent degreasing agent to clean the surface of the car. If necessary, we do a complete wax and polish to improve the shine before installing the film.

Cut Colorado Springs Clear Bra To Fit Sections

Our specialists measure and cut the paint protection film for installation. We can start by focusing on the side mirrors, quarter panel, hood, rocker panels, doors and other sections. Once we have cut the required materials properly, we line them up as needed.

Spray Fitting Solution

To be able to install your clear bra properly, we use an activator, which is commonly known as a fitting solution. By using it, we ensure that the protection film activates the ‘glue-like’ substance. Remember, without this, your bra protection cannot stick to the surface.

Apply Clear Bra

You indeed need some experience to be able to spray the fitting solution properly. However, this stage requires more knowledge and expertise. For the film to fit perfectly, you need to do a series of spraying, squeegee, and moving it.

Dry the film

Once you have applied the clear bra and the installer has removed all the bubbles and creases, it is now the right time for us to dry or heat-activate it. At Karle Coachwork, we use an industrial heat gun to do this. This gun is good at activating the adhesive and making the film stick firmly on the car’s surface.

This clear bra installation Colorado Springs process looks simple. However, if you are not an expert, you could install it wrong, which can directly affect the protection film’s lifespan and effectiveness.

Contact us for quality clear bra Colorado Springs that are manufactured by the world’s leading paint protection companies in the United States.

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